NISH Technologies clients are our partners.

Our company has been built on the basis of referrals from satisfied customers. Their trust is our greatest asset, and can only be earned and maintained through dedication to the highest quality of service.


NISH Technologies educates our clients.

We not only enable our clients’ businesses to run more efficiently and effectively through the use of technology, but educate them about the resources they have and the new technology being developed, so that they can maximize their immediate benefits and visualize their future options.


NISH Technologies solutions are always scalable.

Every recommendation must not only meet a client’s needs for today, but serve as a foundation to be built upon to meet their challenges tomorrow.


NISH Technologies will not make a recommendation that is not cost effective.

We view our clients’ objectives as if they were our own, and would not implement a solution that didn’t pay for itself in increased productivity and efficiency.


NISH Technologies always follows a tried and true process of project management.

While the variables in each engagement may change, following the right methodology ensures quality in all aspects of an engagement.


NISH Technologies does not align itself with any single or group of vendors.

We view this as a grave contradiction to the integrity of the services we provide. Our solutions will use the products we believe to be best suited to the requirements and specifications of the project.


NISH Technologies believes in being an active member of our community.

We believe that contributing to the technology industry, and the human community, both local and abroad, is our responsibility and privilege. Supporting the causes we care about, helps to shape ourselves and the world we live in.